Configure Ceph Cluster in UBUNTU 18.0

Note: mon and mgr should be in the same node

1. In this case, 3 mon and 3 mgr node (node01, node02, node03) will available.
2. OSD will be placed on a different node (node04 node05 node06)
3. Install Ceph to all Nodes from the Admin Node and copy keyrings to all nodes
4. For PG CALC use


  1. Add a user for Ceph admin on all Nodes and Grant root privilege to Ceph admin user just added above with sudo settings. And also install required packages to all
    #apt -y install openssh-server python-ceph
    echo -e ‘Defaults:ubuntu !requiretty\nubuntu ALL = (root) NOPASSWD:ALL’ | tee /etc/sudoers.d/ceph
    chmod 440 /etc/sudoers.d/ceph
  2. Passwordless between each node:
    #ssh-copy-id node01
    #ssh-copy-id node02
    #ssh-copy-id node03
    #ssh-copy-id node04
    #ssh-copy-id node05
  3. Install Ceph to all Nodes from Admin Node (node01). So install below commands to Admin node (node1)
    #sudo apt -y install ceph-deploy ceph-common ceph-mds
    mkdir ceph
    cd ceph
  4. Below command will run on Admin node and in this command add mon nodes
    #ceph-deploy new node01 node02 node03
  5. Settings for monitoring and keys
    #ceph-deploy mon create-initial
  6. Configure manager node
    #ceph-deploy mgr create node01 node02 node03
  7. Install ceph on each nodes Node
    #ceph-deploy install node01 node02 node03 node04 node05
  8. Check status and heath
    #ceph -s
    #ceph health
  9. Copy ceph keys to all nodes from Admin node (node01)
    #scp /etc/ceph/* node02:/etc/ceph/
    #scp /etc/ceph/* node03:/etc/ceph/
    #scp /etc/ceph/* node04:/etc/ceph/
    #scp /etc/ceph/* node05:/etc/ceph/
  10. Create OSD node from Admin node
    #ceph-deploy disk zap node04:sdb node04:sdc
    #ceph-deploy disk zap node05:sdb node05:sdc
    #ceph-deploy osd create node04:sdb node04:sdc
    #ceph-deploy osd create node05:sdb node05:sdc
  11. By the way, if you’d like to clean settings and re-configure again, do like follows(for example node04 node05).
    remove package
    #ceph-deploy purge node04 node05
    remove settings
    #ceph-deploy purgedata node04 node05
    #ceph-deploy forgetkeys
  12. Configure dashboard
    #ceph mgr module enable dashboard
    #ceph mgr services
  13. Change dashboard port (By default port is 7000)
    #ceph config-key set mgr/dashboard/server_addr ::
    #ceph config-key set mgr/dashboard/server_port 8443
    Disable ssl
    #ceph config-key set mgr/dashboard/ssl false
  14. ENJOY

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